Third Beach Boys tape


ALL SUMMER LONG: The title track of the Beach Boys' 1964 classic album was also used in the movie Americann Graffiti and captures the essence of the Californian Dream of sun and water, but also a sense of the end of the dream and maybe reality setting in.
YOU'RE SO GOOD TO ME: From the 1965 Summer Days (And Summer Nights) album, this simple love song shows a slight nod in the direction of the Beatles style and feeling.
LITTLE GIRL I ONCE KNEW: A late 1965 single, this was an indicator of the direction Brian was going with Pet Sounds in the unusual structure, big production and lyrical theme. Possibly too complicated for the average fan, it was less succesful than previous singles.
YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME: From 1966's Pet Sounds, this beautiful song features an unusual piano effect in the intro and a beauitful and unusual ending.
DON'T TALK (PUT YOUR HEAD IN MY SHOULDER: Also from Pet Sounds, this beautiful piece captures the magic of those intimate moments perfectly, with the bass heartbeat and the flowing strings.
WINDCHIMES: From the Smile sessions, you can almost feel the windchimes echoing when you hear this evocative piece.
LOOK: Also from the Smile sessions and never officially released, this piece shows the incredible musical montages that Brian was putting together at this stage.
LIITTLE PAD: One of the new pieces of music recorded quickly for the Smiley Smile album, this maybe shows evidence of the substanes the Beach Boys were taking at this stage. But the harmonic humming turns this into an affecting piece of music.
LET THE WIND BLOW: As with much of the music on late 1967's Wild Honey, this is a simple but effective song, and once again returns to Brian's pet themes of devotion and insecurity.
WHEN A MAN NEEDS A WOMAN: Brian's version of the "facts of life" from the 1968 album Friends showcases his often-onnocent, direct approach.
LITTLE BIRD: This is Dennis's first vocal composition recorded for the Beach Boys and fits in well with the tranquil, simple approach on the Friends album.
I CAN HEAR MUSIC: Carl's production debut is on this cover of a Phil Spector song and he makes the song the Beach Boys' own with his beautiful vocal and understated production.
ADD SOME MUSIC (TO YOUR DAY): From 1970's Sunflower album, this is a very pretty tribute to the power of music.
LADY: This Dennis Wilson song was originally earmarked for release on a 1970 Beach Boys album, possibly called Landlocked. That album was never released, and this lovely romantic song was eventually released as a Dennis Wilson and Rumbo single in the UK, Rumbo being the Captain in the Captain and Tenille.
FOURTH OF JULY: Another moving Dennis Wilson song, this time sung by Carl, and a challenging look at the USA national psyche. It was recorded circa 1971 but only released on the Beach Boys's box set in 1993.
LOOKING DOWN THE COAST: Another unreleased recording, written by Al Jardine, with vocals on the first verse by Brian, with some interesting imagery in the lyrics.
THINKIN' ABOUT YOU BABY: In 1972, an album of songs recorded by Brian's first wife, Marilyn, and sister-in-law,Diane, under the name of Spring (American Spring in Europe), was produced by Brian, with Dave Sandler. This song is actually the early version of the minor hit Darlin' from Wild Honey, originally done by Shanon Marie, but Spring give it a loving touch and Brian produces a nice romantic arrangement.
HAD TO PHONE YA: 15 Big Ones, the Beach Boys 1976 album, saw them back at the top of the charts. Predominantly an oldies album, it did have a number Beach Boys originals,.like this simple but effective song, featuing lead vocals from all five original Beach Boys. The song was based on the Pet Sounds outtake Trombone Dixie.


LEAVING THIS TOWN: This song from the 1973 album Holland was written by the South Africans in the band at that time (Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin) with help from Carl and Mike Love, and features a very soulful vocal from Blondie and a challenging lyric about choice and change.
LET PUT OUR HEARTS TOGETHER: By the time this song was released on 1977's Love You, Brian and Marilyn's marriage was in big trouble. However, they still manage to sing this charming love song together, which typifies the the rough but intimate sound of the Love You album.
TIME: From Dennis's Wilson highly-rated 1977 solo album , Pacific Ocean Blues, this moving song highliights the conflict in Dennis's life between devotional love and his restless nature.
YOU AND I: Another tender love song from Pacific Ocean Blue.
GOOD TIMIN': The Beach Boys 1979 album LA (Light) received a mixed reception from fans and critics, but this strong opening track was one that Brian had in the can for a number of years before the album.
FULL SAIL: Also from LA (Light), this tender and inspiring ballad is one of Carl's strongest songs.
OH DARLIN': The Beach Boys 1980 a;bum Keepin' The Summer Alive is another record to generally get a lukewarm reception from fans, but this pretty song, written by Brian and Mike Love,. and sung by Carl, is one of the highlights of that album.
HEAVEN: Carl released two solo albums, this stunning romantic ballad is from his first eponomously titled solo album released in 1981.
SHE BELIEVES IN LOVE AGAIN: The 1985 album simply known as The Beach Boys features somne great songwriting by all members of the group, such as this romantic ballad by Bruce Johnston.
WHERE I BELONG: This is Carl's best contribution to the 1985 album, a soulful ballad featuriing his fabulous vocals.
IT"S JUST A MATTER OF TIME: Also from the 1985 album, this is a simple song by Brian hearkening back to a much earlier era.
HEAVENLY BODIES: This is from the unreleased sessions Brian Wilson had with Gary Usher in 1986 and features a strong tune and intimate lyrics.
ONE FOR THE BOYS: An acapella song from Brian Wilson's self-titled solo album, the title is either a tribute to or a put-down of, depending on your perspective, the other Beach Boys.
DON't LET HER KNOW SHE's AN ANGEL From Brian's unreleased solo album Sweet Insanity, this shows that after all these years, Brian hasn't "lost it" at all.

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