23 Songs

February 2007...a little bit of this...a little bit of that, really.

1)WOULDN'T IT BE NICE TO LIVE AGAIN (Adam Marsland's Chaos Band featuring Evie Sands): Legally released version of unknown and unbooted Dennis Wilson song. Even the title is evocative.
2)SHUT OUT THE SHINE (Anny Celsi): Resigned and beautiful song from a very talented independent artist.
3)NIGHTFLOWER (Belles Will Ring): Haunting song from a new Australian group recognised by Brian Wilson band member, Nelson Bragg.
4)I REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOU (Cowsills): Beautiful song, beautiful sentiment.
5)MANHOOD (Dexy's Midnight Runners): A new song from the classic 80s band and up there with their best.
6)HOW CAN I BE SURE (Dusty Springfield): Dusty asks the eternal question...
8)DESTINY (Free Design): From their "comeback" 2001 album Cosmic Peekaboo, these two songs show the off-beat beauty is still there.
9)ALL THINGS MUST PASS (George Harrison) 10) AWAITING ON YOU ALL (George Harrison): All Things Must Pass was clinching evidence that George was the third great songwriter in the fabs (although he seemed to function best in the group context in which most of that album was written), and these are two of many favorites from that album. In particular, the title track (with a demo on Anthology 3 showing its Beatles connection) sees George combine wisdom and beauty.
11)STRUCK DUMB (Lucky Soul): Dum-dum-dumb might be the refrain but a stunningly intelligent and catchy pop tune.
12)FOREVER LOST (Magic Numbers): The one that started the Numbers story.
13)DEATH OF CAROLINE (Nelson Bragg): Standout on classy first solo album from Brian Wilson bandmate.
15)THIS ROAD WILL NEVER END (The Now People): Two more great Sunshine Pop revival with a 2000s twist.
16)AMAZING GLOW (Pernice Brothers): Including their trademark brilliant medlody, vocal and guitar.
17)JUDY (Pipettes): A new girl group bringing back the classic pop sound.
18)WHOEVER YOU ARE(Prefab Sprout)
19)LOVE WILL FIND SOMEONE FOR YOU (Prefab Sprout): Two more songs that reflect the realities of love.
20)SWAN WHARF (Saint Etienne)
21)TRINITY WHARF (Saint Etienne): From the soundtrack to a movie on the Lea Valley in London "What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?" Evocative instumentals with evocative titles.
22)READY OR NOT (Submarines): Great indie pop.
23)THE MOON'S A HARSH MISTRESS (Walker Brothers): Scott Walker's voice, Jimmy Webb's songwriting. What more could you want?

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