23 Songs

My December list is influenced by some MySpace/EMusic discoveries as well as the shows I was able to see in England and Scotland in November.

1)SILENCE (The Autumn Defense): Impossibly beautiful would be the best way to describe this song by the Wilco offshoot. A MySpace/EMusic discovery.
2)I'M WAKING UP TO US (Belle And Sebastian): The classic breakup song...
3)DIRGE (Bob Dylan): One of his great unknown songs..just Bob on piano and Robbie Robertson on guitar
4)MELT AWAY (Brian Wilson): For Brian, who I saw at his last London Pet Sounds show. He didn't do this song, but it remains a personal favorite.
5)THE ONE ABOUT LONELINESS (Deacon Blue): Deacon Blue did do this new song of theirs in Edinburgh when I saw them. A great tune!
6)THE SOUND OF SETTLING (Death Cab For Cutie): Simply a great song!
7)THERE IS A SONG (Free Design)
8)LOVE DOES NOT DIE (Free Design): Free Design were possibly my biggest 2006 discovery- two understated gems from their There Is A Song album.
9)ALMOST HOME (Hem): A beautiful vocal on this tender song.
10)CREASE IN HIS HAT (Kane Gang): A favorite in my teenage years from this little known English group. Just got the CD (at a price!)
11)LISTEN (Lambchop): Strange group, but this is stunningly beautiful.
12)LIPS ARE UNHAPPY (Lucky Soul)
13)MY BRITTLE HEART (Lucky Soul): Another big 2006 discovery was this new British pop group. These are their first two singles.
14)TAKE A CHANCE (The Magic Numbers): A great concert that I saw in November 2006. This was their new single and it really grooooooves :)
15)MY LUCK RAN OUT (The Now People): A MySpace discovery, this band included members of Brian Wilson's touring band and revives the classic Sunshine Pop sound. This is a great example of their sound.
16)WALL OF SILENCE (The October Project): Beautiful tune, and poignant lyrics about the breakdown of communication in a relationship.
17)SADDEST QUO (Pernice Brothers)
18)ZERO REFILLS (Pernice Brothers): Another EMusic discovery, and a band that I really like a lot, based on the two albums I have heard. Two brilliant songs.
19)SLEEPING ROUGH (Paddy McAloon)
20)LIFE OF SURPRISES (Prefab Sprout)
21)IF YOU DON'T LOVE ME (Prefab Sprout): Three more classics from Prefab Sprout (one is Paddy solo)- absolutely one of my favorite bands.
22)BOY CHILD (Scott Walker): One of the most haunting songs ever written.
23)IT'S A VERY DEEP SEA (Style Council): Paul Weller's second band. One of his most personal songs.

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