23 Songs

This September 2006 list is dedicated to Sunshine Pop...the summery sound inspired by the Beach Boys and great songwriters like Bacharach and Jimmy Webb.

1)IF I COULD REACH YOU(5th Dimension)
2)THE GIRL'S SONG (5th Dimension)
4)LOVE'S LINES, ANGLES AND RHYMES (5th Dimension): 4 great songs from the harmonic quintet
5)RAINBOW BENT (The Association)
6)BAREFOOT GENTLEMAN (The Association)
7)GOODBYE, COLUMBUS (The Association): There are a lot of gems if you look deeper than the hits for the Association- these are three that I really like.
8)ANOTHER TIME (Curt Boettcher)
9)MAGIC TIME (The Ballroom): Two Curt Boettcher opuses that pre-date the Millennium cult favorite, Begin.
10)WHEN THE WORLD TURNS (Eternity's Children)
11)ALONE AGAIN (Eternity's Children)
12)SUNSHINE AND FLOWERS (Eternity's Children): Sunshine Pop wasn't all California..this group was from the deep south, but these songs are still very beautiful and Sunshine And Flowers catches the whole mood of the movement.
13)KITES ARE FUN (The Free Design)
14)WHEN LOVE IS YOUNG (The Free Design)
15)DON'T TURN AWAY (The Free Design)
16)I FOUND LOVE (The Free Design): A group that I have recently discovered, but am really enjoying. Kites and I Found Love are probably the best known, but the middle two are two of the most beautiful songs I have heard, from their first album.
17)I SAW HER AGAIN (The Mamas And The Papas): Very much part of the movement.
18)SO FAR AWAY IN LOVE (Orpheus)
20)THE DREAM (Orpheus): Boss-town pop. The Dream is a fantastic mix of east and west.
21)DON'T TAKE YOUR TIME (Roger Nichols and The Small Circle Of Friends)
22)I CAN SEE ONLY YOU (Roger Nichols and The Small Circle Of Friends)
23)LOVE SO FINE (Roger Nichols and The Small Circle Of Friends): Roger Nichols wrote some of the Carpenters best known songs. Here are some lesser-known but great songs from his pen.

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