23 Songs

November 2019-Another ladies list-with a bit of Japan thrown in.

1) FREE AND WILD (Alice Peacock): Her first album in ten years.
2) PARTY OF ONE (Brandi Carlile): Realistic song about love.
3) TOKYO KYOTO (Cornelia Murr): Remembering Japan.
4) ARE YOU WITH ME? (Courtney Jaye): Another beautiful song from Courtney Jaye.
5) CARNIVAL (Emily Cavanagh).
6) LAST TO LEAVE (Emily Cavanagh): Two lovely songs from a new discovery of mine.
7) BEEN AROUND (A Girl Called Eddy): She is back. In a big way.
8) MY ONLY CHILD(Highwomen).
9) WHEELS OF LAREDO (The Highwomen).
10) HIGHWOMEN (The Highwomen): One of these is based around a Jimmy Webb song, but others are original great songs from the new country supergroup.
11) READY TO LOVE AGAIN (Joanna Wallfisch): Great song not oficially released.
12) BALLET OF BIRDS (Joanna Wallfisch): From her new Far Away From Any Place Called Home album.
13) KILLING TIME (The Last Detail): Another bonus from the very much back A Girl Called Eddy with Mehdi Zannad.
14) TOMORROW MORNING (Lola Kirke): Mozart In The Jungle star is also a pop singer.
15) PAST LIFETIME (Maggie Rogers): Another emerging artist.
16) THIS COULD TAKE A LIFETIME (Maria Taylor): One half of Azure Ray.
18) TAKE ME AS I AM (Rumer).
19) GOODBYE GIRL (Rumer): Three great songs from Rumer.
20) LONDON FOG (Sarah Darling): Sarah Darling is back with a punchy new album.
21) FALL INTO ME (Sugarland): Bonus track but very good.
22) GOOD MORNING TOKYO (Swan Dive): And back to Japan.
23) WILD TIME (Weyes Blood): Not a metal artist as you might think.


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