23 Songs

September 2019-A sad farewell to Nicky Wonder and Johnny Clegg -and a happy 50th to Abbey Road.

1) ONCE AROUND THE BLOCK (Badly Drawn The Boy): Damon Gough's first hit.
2) OCTUPUS'S GARDEN (Beatles).
3) BECAUSE (Beatles).
4) YOU NEVER GIVE ME YOUR MONEY (Beatles): Three from the album with the famous cover.
5) FRIDAY ON MY MIND (The Eastbeats): 60s classic from Australia.
6) EVERYDAY I WRITE THE BOOK (Elvis Costello).
7) I WANT TO VANISH (Elvis Costello): Two of the best from Declan MacManus.
8) INSTANT KARMA! (John Lennon): Keeping up the Beatles theme.
9) THE CROSSING (Johnny Clegg).
11) SCATTERLINGS OF AFRICA (Johnny Clegg): Hamba kahle, to the great South African musician.
12) PUT THE HURT ON ME (Midland): Second album from the middle.
13) ROUND & ROUND (New Order): One of their best.
14) YOUNG BOY (Paul McCartney): More ex-Beatle magic.
15) SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY (Paul Simon).
16) DUNCAN (Paul Simon).
17) AT THE ZOO (Simon And Garfunkel): : Inspired by a recent Simon And Garfunkel tribute
18) I GO TO PIECES (Peter And Gordon):Friends of the Beatles.
19) FASCINATING (R.E.M): "New" song, for Bahamas relief.
20) SHE'S NOT LIKE ANY GIRL (Rockin' Berries): 60s Britpop beauty.
21) PUPPET GRRLS ARE GO (Wondermints).
22) NO ONE'S GIRL (Wondermints).
23) FLEUR-DE-LIS (Wondermints):Farewll, Nicky Wonder. Three Wondermints songs that he wrote.


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