23 Songs

March 2019-Another ladies list

1) HEAVEN IS A WORD (Carla Werner): From the album Departure.
2) HIDE THE WINE (Carly Pearce).
3) EVERY LITTLE THING (Carly Pearce): Sassy new country artist, from her first abum.
4) QUEEN OF SABOTAGE (Courtney Jaye).
5) ONE WAY CONVERSATION (Courtney Jaye).
6) TIME'S UP (Courtney Jaye): Three more from the wonderful Courtney.
7) 33 (Elise Davis)
8) FINALLY (Elise Davis): A very honest, direct artist, with two lovely songs.
9) BELLS AND WHISTLES (Emma Stevens): About real romance.
10) FIREWORKS (First Aid Kit): Two sisters from Sweden with a classic pop tearjerker.
11) DANDELIONS (Joanna Wallfisch)
12) SUMMER SOLSTICE (Joanna Wallfisch): Two more from the true artist, Joanna.
13) LAZY: (The Last Detail): Not written by her, but sung beautifully by Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy).
14) PEACE ON EARTH (Lissie): Yes, please.
15) 5 ACRES OF TURNIPS (Pistol Annies).
16) MASTERPIECE (Pistol Annies.)
17) THIS TOO SHALL PASS (Pistol Annies): Back with their best yet. All three classic country songs.
18) BETTER PLACE (Rumer).
19) PIZZA AND PINBALL (Rumer): Classic Bacharach-inspired pop.
20) HOBART PAVING (Saint Etienne): One of their oldest.
21) CAMEL COAT (Saint Etienne) One of their newest.
22) SARAH (Sarah Slean): A great self-talk.
23) DAYBREAK (Sierra Hull): Queen of bluegrass.


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