23 Songs

September 2018-50 years of Sweetheart Of The Radio -we take a trip to the country.

1) WHY I'M LIKE THIS (Autumn Defense): Wilco spinoff with this country pop beauty.
2) KIND WOMAN (Buffalso Springfield): Richie Furay's Buffalo Springfield classic.
3) HERE WITH YOU (Byrds): Gene Clark was one of the pioneer's of country rock.
4) HICKORY WIND (Byrds): Gram Parson's lament for simpler times was the centerpiece of Sweetheart.
5) NOTHING WAS DELIVERED (Byrds): One of the highlights of Sweetheart was the introduction of some of Dylan's Basement Tapes material.
6) LADY FRIEND (Byrds): Brilliant Byrds single from Crosby -but it's failure led to him leaving the band.
7) SAY OH SAY (Courtney Jaye)
8) NEW DAY (Courtney Jaye): Newly discovered country pop artist.
9) SOUTHBOUND TRAIN (David Crosby/Graham Nash): Going south.
10) WASTED ON THE WAY Crosby, Stills & Nash): So much is wasted on the way.
11) LANDSLIDE (Dixie Chicks): Written by Stevie Nicks, but this was the biggest hit version.
12) HOT BURRITO #1 (The Flying Burrito Brothers): More cosmic Amerian music.
13) SHE'S THE KIND OF GIRL (Gene Clark): All the Byrds were here.
15) I GOT A NAME (Jim Croce): Two of Gentleman Jim's best.
16) CRYING IN MY SLEEP (Jimmy Webb)
17) LAND'S END/ASLEEP ON THE WIND (Jimmy Webb): Two from the Land's End album.
18) IF I KNEW YOU THEN (Lady Antebellum): More than Need You Now.
19) DRINKIN' PROBLEM (Midland)
20) BURN OUT (Midland): A new group who feel like they have made a greatest hits country pop album.
21) GETAWAY DRIVER (Miranda Lambert)
22) THINGS THAT BREAK (Miranda Lambert): From her divorce album.
23) SOUTHERN MAN (Neil Young): Not country, but southern and relevant.


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