23 Songs

May 2018-The ladies are back!

1) HARD ON A HEART (Ashley Monroe): "Hippie Annie" makes a wonderful country pop record.
2) THE POWER OF THREE (Belle And Sebastian): Sarah Martin wrote and sang this gorgeous pop package.
3) BEST FRIEND (Belle And Sebastian): Carla Easton guest sings on this one.
4) BARE FEET (Caroline Jones): Feel the world beneath your feet.
5) LOVE OF THE LOVED (Cilla Black): Cilla's first hit. Pity the original Beatles version hasn't been officially released.
6) ANNIVERSARY SONG (Cowboy Junkies): Memories of my first trip to Canada.
7) TWICE AS WORTH IT (Deana Carter): Beautiful ballad from the barefoot country queen.
8) SO I CAN FIND MY WAY (Enya): Irish gorgerousness.
9) ANOTHER BRIDGE (Everything But The Girl): Memories from my first year of work.
10) THE LAKES OF CANADA (The Innocence Misssion): Evoking crystal clear beautiful lakes.
11) DIRTY COMPUTER (Janelle MonĂ¡e featuring Brian Wilson): Brian's back! In a different way.
12) SPACE COWBOY (Kacey Musgraves): From the Golden Hour album-one of best songs of the decade.
13) GOLDEN HOUR (Kacey Musgraves): Title track from the Golden Hour.
14) OUT OF REACH (Karnataka) : I miss this version of the group.
15) A MILLION TEARS (Kasey Chambers): One of the saddest, most emotional songs I know.
16) THE CLOSEST THING TO CRAZY (Katie Melua): Loved this the first time I heard it.
K 17) I ENVY THE WIND (Lucinda Williams): Eerily beautiful.
18) IF I COULD (October Project): Still waiting for their full length album.
19) TERRIBLY SORRY (Saint Etienne): Only played at Barbican concert in 2014 which I was lucky enough to go to.
20) FASCINATION (Saint Etienne): A group who make great songs and then make them hard to find.
21) MONTMARTE (Sarah Darling): Ode to a lovely part of Paris
22) SINCE YOU'VE GONE (Spanky & And Our Gang): The sensitive side of Spanky
23) WALK YOUR FEET IN THE SUNSHINE (The 5th Dimension) : Free your feet.


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