23 Songs

April 2018-Inspired by Scotland's heroic but ultimately failed cricket world cup campaign -an all Scottish list.

1) TRAINS (Al Stewart)
2) SAND IN YOUR SHOES (Al Stewart)
3) YEAR OF THE CAT (Al Stewart) : He's actually English, but was born in Scotland.
4) SLEEP THE CLOCK AROUND (Belle & Sebastian)
5) THE FOX IN THE SNOW (Belle & Sebastian)
6) EVERYTHING IS NOW, PT. TWO (Belle and Sebastian) :Probably the greatest Scottish group ever?.
7) WONDERLAND (Big Country)
8) EAST OF EDEN (Big Country)
9) IN A BIG COUNTRY (Big Country): Making guitars sound like bagpipes. Stuart Adamson was the original frontman who tragically committed suicide.
10) AMERICA (Deacon Blue)
11) LOADED (Deacon Blue)
12) RAE (Deacon Blue): Saw them in Edinburgh in 2006-passionate Scottish group.
13) WOKE FROM DREAMING (The Delgados): Lovely, from the hate album.
14) MARGO'S WALTZ (Lloyd Cole)
15) MAN ENOUGH (Lloyd Cole) : From his first album without the Commotions.
16) FOREST FIRE (Lloyd Cole & The Commotions): When he still had the Commotions - an early personal favorite.
17) WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? (Travis): Wish we had some rain in Cape Town.
19) A MAN IS IN LOVE (The Waterboys)
20) IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU (The Waterboys): They were big in the 80s but still continue to make music today.
21) ANGEL EYES (Wet Wet Wet)
22) BLUE FOR YOU (Wet Wet Wet)
23) THEME FROM TEN (Wet Wet Wet) : Another Scottish group that I saw live.


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