23 Songs

For March 2006, I'm going a bit quirky -all the songs start are "long" songs or "some" songs -songs with long or some starting their title. It was quite easy to find 23 great songs with this criteria!

1)LONG ABOUT NOW(Scott Walker): Actually sung by Esther Ofarim, this is from Scott's underrated Til The Band Comes In, which was effectively the last of his classic series of five albums in the 67-70 period.
2)LONG AFTER TOMORROW (October Project): From the reunion EP Different Eyes. Very nice, and hopefully more to come from the reunited trio.
3)LONG AGO TOMORROW (BJ Thomas): Written by Bacharach from a movie I know nothing about. Nice song, of course!
4)LONG DAY, SHORT NIGHT (Shirelles) Bacharach again. From the ace Aussie collection The Rare Bacharach. Guaranteed better than 99.9% of current chart hits.
5)LONG PROMISED ROAD(Beach Boys): One of Carl's best songs, from the Surf's Up album.
6)LONG WINDOW TO LOVE(Deacon Blue): Obscure track from the Scots, but up wit their best.
7)LONG, LONG, LONG (Beatles): In the midst of the noisiest side of Beatles music is this beauty from George. Simple and effective.
8)THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (Beatles): Of course you know this. Always been a favorite.
9)SOME CLEAR JOY IS COMING (Innocence Mission): What this group do is make the simple seem spiritual. Very uplifting.
10)SOME SWEET DAY (Bluebells): More obscure Scottish music, but a great tune.
11)SOME SWEET DAY (Brian Wilson): Same title as 10, different song. One of Brian's unreleased songs, hope he revisits this vault sometime.
12)SOMEBODY HURT YOU (A Girl Called Eddy): More heartbreak brilliance from the Girl Called Brilliant.
13)SOMEDAY IN MY LIFE (Simply Red): Sometimes they are too commercial, or funky, or something, but they can also come up with real gems like this.
14)SOMEONE IS STANDING OUTSIDE (Thelma Houston): From Sunshower, which every current R&B artist should be made to listen to the rest of eternity to realise why they shouldn't be releasing their current dreck to the market. The song has a lovely message.
15)SOMETIMES IN WINTER(Saint Etienne): The Et will usually be on these lists because they are so prolific. Pretty, poignant, with nice Indian effects.
16)SOMETIMES (Carpenters): The voice! Yes, sometimes I'm a sucker for the sentimental stuff, but this has real soul too.
17)SOMETIME (Association): Another harmony-laden beauty from the Sunshine Pop masters.
18)SOMETHING MORE THAN THIS (October Project): From Falling Further In. And record companies dropped them and keep trash like Usher......
19)SOMETHING BIG (Mark Lindsay): More Rare Bacharach although the song also gave the title to Bacharach's 2004 box set.
20)SOMETHING (Beatles): And you know this. Did you know George is my favorite Beatle.
21)SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Van Morrison): From Poetic Champions Compose although also on Bridget Jones movie and soundtrack.
22)SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE TRAINS (Waterboys): We end with two songs from the Waterboys, one that should have been on A Pagan Place, and one one that was. This was left off, but appeared on the re-issue. As a railway fan, I understand.
23)SOMEBODY MIGHT WAVE BACK (Waterboys): This was on the album, and also has "train" connections. Very powerful!

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