23 Songs

September 2017-My wedding playlist

2) NEVER MY LOVE (Association): Two of the most romantic songs ever by the harmonic masters.
3) TIME TO GET ALONE (Beach Boys)
4) WE'RE TOGETHER AGAIN (Beach Boys): Two romantic Brian Wilson tunes from the late 60s "transcendental era
5) I DO (Beach Boys): Brian's wedding song - of course, it would make my wedding playlist/
6) YOUR SUMMER DREAM (Beach Boys): Romance on the beach.
7) FOREVER (Beach Boys): Dennis's great love song.
8) I WILL (Beatles): One of McCartney's talents is to make simple songs sound great.
9) FIRST OF MAY (Bee Gees): Our dating anniversary is first of May.
10) YOU'VE TOUCHED ME (Brian Wilson)
11) DON'T LET ME KNOW SHE'S AN ANGEL (Brian Wilson): Getting In Over My Head is not always a fan/critical favorite but these are two great love songs.
12) ONE KIND OF LOVE (Brian Wilson): Brian's ode to Melinda.
13) HEAVEN (Carl Wilson): Another Wilson brother, another wonderful love song.
14) FOR ALL WE KNOW (Carpenters)
15) WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (Carpenters): Two wedding classics from Karen and Richard.
17) I JUST HAVE TO BREATHE (Dionne Warwick): Two great love songs sung by Warwick, music by Bacharach, lyrics by David.
18) BUTTERFLIES (Kacey Musgraves): Not even officially released.
19) SYMPHONY (Marvin Gaye): One of his best songs, even although an outtake.
20) CAN'T FIND THE TIME (Orpheus): Romantic awesomeness.
21) YOUR VALENTINE (Saint Etienne): Another romantic classic which was not even on an official album.
22) YOU SEND ME (Sam Cooke): You know this one.
23) DARLIN' (Beach Boys): Almost 50 years old now.


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