23 Songs

March 2017-Ladies Pop, Instrumentals, Teenage Fanclub & Christmas

1) TRAIN TRACKS FOR WHEEZY (A Little Orchestra and Haiku Salut):Trains and beautiful music!
2) LET'S LIVE BEFORE WE DIE (The Beach Boys)
3) WHY (The Beach Boys)
4) BOBBY LEFT ME (Brian Wilson): Three Brian Wilson songs without words, maybe incomplete but still beautiful.
5) KAHUNA SUNSET (Buffalo Springfield)
6) FALCON LAKE (ASH ON THE FLOOR)(Buffalo Springfield): Two Young and Stills instrumentals from their early band.
7) WHAT MAKES YOU STAY (Deana Carter): From Hope Floats soundtrack.
8) HERE YOU COME AGAIN (Dolly Parton): One of her classics.
9) ALL OUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE (Gene Page): Evocative instrumental.
10) CHRISTMAS MAKES ME CRY (Kacey Musgraves)
11) PRESENT WITHOUT A BOW (Kacey Musgraves): Two instant Christmas classics from this great new songwriter/singer.
12) PERFECT WORLD (Katie Melua)
13) ALL-NIGHT VIGIL (NUNC DIMITTIS) (Katie Melua): One new song and one very old from Katie's Christmas album.
14) TWO BARE FEET (Katie Melua): Sassy older Katie song.
16) SOHO SQUARE (Kirsty MacColl): We will never forget Kirsty.
17) IN AMSTERDAM (Paul Weller): Even Weller can do an evocative instrumental.
18) DISCOVER A LOVELIER YOU (Pernice Brothers): Discover a lovelier guitar.
19) ALPINE CROSSING (Swing Out Sister)
20) CAIPIRINHA (Swing Out Sister): Beautiful jazz pop instrumentals.
21) I'M IN LOVE (Teenage Fanclub)
22) THE FIRST SIGHT (Teenage Fanclub): Great new music from the fanclub.
23) WILL YOU BE STAYING AFTER SUNDAY (The Peppermint Rainbow): Lovely sunshine pop.


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