23 Songs

April 2016-remembering Bowie, close to Pet Sounds 50th and other classics.

1)YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME(Beach Boys): Pet Sounds classic.
2) DON'T WORRY BABY (Beach Boys): An early step on the road to Pet Sounds.
3) KISS ME BABY (Beach Boys): Another step on the Pet Sounds road.
4) I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE (Beatles): Early folk rock from the Beatles.
5) GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE (Beatles): Beatles take on soul.
6) SHELTER FROM THE STORM (Bob Dylan): One of Dylan's most abstract songs.
7) LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT (Bob Dylan): One of Dylan's most melodic songs, still not straightforward.
8) NIGHTS ON BROADWAY (Bee Gees): Early disco era but a great song whichever way you look at it.
9) MODERN LOVE (David Bowie): We'll miss him....
10) LIFE ON MARS (David Bowie): ..because of songs like these.
11) QUIETLY (Explorers Club): Explorers Club new album will be one of the highlights of 2016.
12) BIRDS (Niel Young): Sad but uplifting.
13) ON THE BEACH (Niel Young): Get away from it all...
14) THROUGH THE SAILS (Niel Young): All of CSNY are on this beauty
15) WE LET THE STARS GO (Prefab Sprout): Wistful look at the past.
16) ONE OF THE BROKEN (Prefab Sprout): Incisive song from the master craftsmen.
17) WHERE THE HEART IS (Prefab Sprout): From a TV show, so one of their more publicized songs.
18) RUBY TUESDAY (Rolling Stones): Just a pop classic.
19) HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER, BABY, STANDING IN THE SHADOWS (Rolling Stones): Pop, rock, psychedelia ...for me one of their best singles.
20) IT'S OVER (Roy Orbison): He did some of the saddest songs ever.
21) CRYING (Roy Orbison): Like this one.
22) MY WAY HOME (Scott Walker): B-side, one of the last Scott-written songs for a while.
23) 'TIL THE BAND COMES IN (Scott Walker): Another big-band pop beauty.


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