23 Songs

December 2015 - Changes over a lifetime, and a trip north.

1)HELLO GOODBYE(Beatles): Number one when I was born.
2) SONG FOR WHOEVER (Beautiful South): Just a classic pop tune, even if it is a lot less romantic than it sounds.
3) WORLD (Bee Gees): Brilliant early Bee Gees
4) THROW A PENNY (Bee Gees): A great slice of the Bee Gees in their transition from pop balladeers to disco kings.
5) WHAT EVER HAPPENED (Beach Boys): New Brian song, classic nostalgia.
6) TOUCH AND GO (Cars): Great rocking pop tune.
7) HELP IS COMING (Crowded House): Song from some 20 years ago but revived for the Syrian crisis.
8) HOMEWARD THROUGH THE HAZE (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young): Crosby makes it through the haze.
9) CHANGES (David Bowie): Turn and face the strain.
10) NORTH (Elvis Costello): Tribute to a love from the north.
11) DECEMBER, 1963 (OH, WHAT A NIGHT) (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons): More reflections on the past.
12) HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO THEM (Housemartins): The joy of work...
13) WHY I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC (Lloyd Cole & The Commotions): Lloyd's typical cynical, melodic brilliance.
14) YOU SET THE SCENE (Love): Arthur Lee thought this might be his last message to the world...
15) OF ALL THE THINGS WE MADE (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark): Of everything around us.
16) THE POUND IS SINKING (Paul McCartney): Well, the rand has been sinking.
17) THE SOUND OF CRYING (Prefab Sprout): Sadly, the sound of crying always seems to be number one.
18) NERO THE ZERO (Prefab Sprout): More rocking than much of their stuff..
19) ETERNITY (Robbie Williams): Lovely countrified song.
20) BOUNCER SEE BOUNCER (Scott Walker): New Scott with some beautiful melody amongst the noise.
21) A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER (Simon And Garfunkel): Time, time, time.
22) THE NORTH (Stars): From the north in Canada.
23) SHED A TEAR (Wet Wet Wet): Pop perfection.


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