23 Songs

August 2015 - for the ladies and remembering Cilla Black.

1)THINKIN' "BOUT YOU BABY (American Spring): Early version of "Darlin'" brought to full romantic potential by Brian's then wife and sister-in-law.
2) A LITTLE TIME (Beautiful South): The flip side of romance- bittersweet song.
3) GUESS YOU HAD TO BE THERE (Brian Wilson & Kacey Musgraves): Brian's duet with the country rebel is a grower.
4) FANTASY IS REALITY/BELLS OF MADNESS (Brian Wilson/Carnie Wilson/Rob Wasserman): From "trios" - Sam Phillips also wrote a lot of the song.
5) FADING SUN (Carolin No): Great name for a group, great song.
6) RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS (Carpenters): Classic melancholy pop sung by Karen Carpenter and written by Roger Nichols.
7) STEP INSIDE LOVE (Cilla Black): Macca's great song but Cilla's vocal is great.
8) EACH AND EVERY ONE (Everything But The Girl): First single was was on their best songs.
9) ANGEL (Grey Eye Glances): Beautiful tune from the progressive rockers.
10) SAILOR (Hem): Lovely maritime tune.
11) THESE ARE THE THINGS ABOUT YOU (Ivy): French-inflected melodic song.
12) ALL SYSTEMS A GO-GO (The Januaries): Sensual song from a group we heard too little from.
13) SOMEBODY TO LOVE (Kacey Musgraves): A song all can relate to.
14) FOLLOW YOUR ARROW (Kacey Musgraves): Controversial country song.
15) NO FRONTIERS (Mary Black): Irish beauty.
16) GIVE IT A GO (Molotov Jukebox)
17) TRYING (Molotov Jukebox)
18) PUNCHLINES (Molotov Jukebox): Three songs from Nymphadora Tonks' impressive group.
19) UNDERNEATH THE STARS(Sarah Cracknell)
20) I CLOSE MY EYES (Sarah Cracknell): Two from the new St. Etienne frontwoman.
21) SLEEP AWAY YOUR TROUBLES (Softies): Canadian melancholy.
22) WE COULD MAKE IT HAPPEN (Swing Out Sister): Upbeat pop from the jazzy duo.
23) DO I LOVE YOU? (The School): An education in good music.


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