23 Songs

June 2015 - new Brian Wilson album, and biopic.Plus a bit of Crowded House, Simon And Garfunkel and a few other odds and ends.

1)YOU CAN DO MAGIC (America): They may not be touring with Brian in the UK now but they do some great pop tunes like this.
2) FOOT OF PRIDE (Bob Dylan): Angry, obscure, brilliant Dylan.
3) STAY WITH ME (Bob Dylan): Dylan does Sinatra - different but great.
4) BLUE VELVET (Bobby Vinton): Classic from the romantic early 60s.
5) LOVE AND MERCY (Brian Wilson): More famous now as the title song from the Brian movie.
6) THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY (Brian Wilson)
7) TELL ME WHY (Brian Wilson)
8) SAIL AWAY (Brian Wilson): Three great pop songs from Brian's new album, with some old Beach Boys friends.
9) ONE KIND OF LOVE (Brian Wilson): Brian's love song to Melinda from the new movie.
10) THE LAST SONG (Brian Wilson): Will this be Brian Wilson's last song? If so, it's a great way to end.
11) IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY (Bruce Springsteen): Powerful song from the first album.
12) STRAIGHT TO HELL (Clash): Don't say the Clash don't do emotion.
13) PRIVATE UNIVERSE (Crowded House): Emotional , melodic song.
14) I FEEL POSSESSED (Crowded House): Slightly more edgy but still brilliant from the antipodeans.
15) FERRY ACROSS THE MERSEY (Gerry & The Pacemakers): It wasn't the Beatles who did the Liverpool anthem.
16) GIVE A LITTLE LOVE (Pacific Express): Homegrown, South African romantic beauty.
17) WAYWARD SONG (Peter Lacey): New single A-side from the prolific Lacey.
18) SANDREVAN LULLABY-LIFESTYLES (Rodriguez): Contrast between a relaxing lullaby and a bitter protest song.
20) I AM A ROCK (Simon And Garfunkel)
21) BLEECKER STREET (Simon And Garfunkel): From different S&G eras, but some lesser known classics.
22) WHERE HAVE YOU GONE (Surf School Dropouts): Tapping into the Brian Wilson beautiful ballad vein.
23) LET YOUR FREE FLAG FLY (Sunchymes): Also tapping Brian Wilson's melodic music.


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