23 Songs

November 2014 - Basement Tapes, first glimmerings of new Brian Wilson, old favorites and new old favorites.

1)SUN KING (Beatles): Underrated Abbey Road song.
3) GOOD NIGHT (Beatles): Two lullabyes by the fabs that I sing to my children.
4) I'M ONLY SLEEPING (Beatles): Another sleepy song of a different kind by the fabs.
5) TEARS OF RAGE (Bob Dylan): Much of the Basement Tapes doesn't seem that serious, but this is one of Dylan's most emotional ever.
6) I HALL BE RELEASED (Bob Dylan): Of course, you now this Basement Tapes song.
7) ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS (Bob Dylan and Band): Great song, emotional version on the new Basement Tapes release.
8) ALL YOU HAVE TO DREAM (Bob Dylan): More fun side of the Basement Tapes but great pop/rock.
9) FLYING ON THE GROUND IS WRONG (Buffalo Springfield): Early and wonderful Neil Young song.
10) YOU AIN'T GOING NOWHERE (Byrds): Another Basement Tapes classic from the pioneering country rock album.
11) RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young): Great folk song only on Four Way Street.
12) ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young): Saint Etienne did this too, on here for the Live 1974 version.
13) DARK STAR (Crosby, Stills & Nash ):A bit different from Stills.
14) AN OCEAN (Deacon Blue)
15) WIN (Deacon Blue): Scots may not have got independence but these Scots are still going strong.
16) NOVEMBERLONG (Gramercy Arms): Vocals from the long lost girl Eddy (Erin Moran)
17) BOW DOWN(Housemartins): A long-time favorite.
18) ROY ORBISON (Magic Numbers)
19) E.N.D (Magic Numbers): Numbers back with some good English pop.
20) FROM HANK TO HENDRIX (Neil Young): From Harvest Moon.
21) OUR SPECIAL LOVE (Peter Hollens and Brian Wilson): New Brian!
22) READY OR NOT (Sarah Cracknell): Saw them do this live as part of the How We Used To Live premiere.
23) FAKIN' IT(Simon And Garfunkel): Another old favorite.


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