23 Songs

April 2014 - a trip to the heartland of America and remembering the first Beatles visit there.

2) VENTURA HIGHWAY (America): What's more American than America? My two favorites.
4) THIS BOY (Beatles)
5) NOT A SECOND TIME (Beatles): Meet The Beatles is the best album representation of when the Beatles took over America. The big hit and two great pop songs.
6) GONE AGAIN (Bergen White): From the seminal album For Women Only.
7) STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE WITH THE MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN (Bob Dylan): Dylan's electric blues with the surrealistic lyrics.
8) MISSISSIPPI (Bob Dylan): Dylan in the deepest south.
9) THE CHANGING OF THE GUARDS (Bob Dylan): Abstract Dylan song, but foreshadowing impending change.
10) STRENGTH OF STRINGS (Gene Clark): Best track from the cult classic No Other.
11) (DON'T GO BACK TO)ROCKVILLE (R.E.M.): Inspired by visiting Rockville, Maryland...
12) RETURN OF THE GRIEVOUS ANGEL (Gram Parsons): Lovely reminder of heartland America.
13) STEVE MC QUEEN (Lambchop)
14) SOMETHING'S GOING ON (Lampchop): From Aw C'Mon (not No You C'Mon)
15) GRACELAND (Paul Simon): African sound, American heart.
16) WHEN NUMBERS GET SERIOUS (Paul Simon): For the actuaries....
17) JORDAN: THE COMEBACK (Prefab Sprout): Paddy sings about the Graceland legend.
18) I CAN SEE IT NOW (Walker Brothers)
19) TURN OUT THE MOON (Walker Brothers): Two romantic sad songs written by Scott Walker.
20) I SHOULD FALL (Wondermints): Achingly brilliant song from the brilliant band in their own right.
21) FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH (Buffalo Springfield)
22) NOWADAYS CLANCY CAN'T EVEN SING (Buffalo Springfield)
23) BROKEN ARROW (Buffalo Springfield): Three of my favorites from the pioneering 60s group.


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