23 Songs

August 2013- mostly a grabbag of stuff, including things that I have known and loved for a long time

1)AU REVOIR, MY DARLING(Anny Celsi): Rocking opener from her third album.
2) KITTY HAWK (Bamboo Trading Company): Innovative mixture of Beach Boys harmonic rock and eastern sounds.
3) OUR WINTER LOVE (Bill Pursell): Romantic instumental, with an interesting fuzz bass intervention.
4) FATHER AND SON (Cat Stevens): I've known for this a long time, but only got it on CD recently.
5) IT'S WONDERFUL TO BE YOUNG (Cliff Richard And The Shadows): Actually a Bacharach rarity, surprisingly emotional.
6) AND THIS IS MINE (Connie Stevens): Another old, simply beautifully romantic Bacharach rarity.
7) HALF THE WAY (Crystal Gayle): Not sure why, but always saw this as a glamorous pop song when I was little.
8) ANY DAY NOW (MY WILD BEAUTIFUL BIRD) (Elvis Presley): Better known Bacharach song, by a fairly well-known singer...
9) THE MIRACLE OF SAINT MARIE (The Four Coins): Another obscure, old Bacharach romantic beauty.
10) TEARS ALL OVER TOWN (A Girl Called Eddy)
11) PEOPLE USED TO DREAM ABOUT THE FUTURE(A Girl Called Eddy): Two gems by a girl I'm missing a lot, and wishing she would make some more music.
12) HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER (The Hollies): Another childhood favorite.
13) MET HER ON A PLANE (Ian Matthews): Evocative Jimmy Webb song.
14) STAY TIL TOMORROW (Lisa Mychols): It was great to have Lisa back for her new solo album.
15) TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Rodriguez)
16) IT STARTED OUT SO NICE (Rodriguez): From his second (and my preferred) album. Two songs I really identify with.
17) I'LL SLIP AWAY (Rodriguez): Actually his first single.
18) I DON'T BELIEVE IN IF ANYMORE (Roger Whittaker): My dad loved this song, so do I.
19) WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN (The Three Degrees): Another sentimental pop song I've loved for a while.
20) HYMN(Ultravox)
21) REAP THE WILD WIND (Ultravox): My two favorites from the art rockers.
22) I GOT LOST FOR A WHILE (Walker Brothers): The sort of song made for Scott Walker.
23) SOMETHING THAT IS GONE (Waterboys): Emotional song by Mike Scott.


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