23 Songs

March 2013- for no particular reason, songs from artists beginning with R or S.

1)FIND THE RIVER (R.E.M.): Closer of Automatic For The People; an inspiring way to end the album.
2) DRIVER 8 (R.E.M.): REM and trains - a great combination.
3) FALL ON ME (R.E.M.): Mid-tempo beauty from Fables Of The Reconstruction, featuring Mike Mills on a vocal excerpt.
4) HALF A WORLD AWAY (R.E.M.): Lovely, meaningful song from Out Of Time, probably my favorite REM song.
5) TEXARKANA (R.E.M.): Also from Out Of Time, with a Mike Mills vocal.
6) SO. CENTRAL RAIN(R.E.M.): Early REM, with a wistful, nostalgic feel.
7) I'LL TAKE THE RAIN (R.E.M.): The last great REM for me was Reveal -this is a good example of why.
8) BEACHBALL (R.E.M.): Another great, slightly Bacharach-esque and Wilsoney song from Reveal.
9) MOON GUITAR (The Rangoons): Unusual for Bacharach to have a guitar-led instrumental, but this is really romantic and good.
10) CRUCIFY YOUR MIND (Rodriguez)
11) I THINK OF YOU (Rodriguez): Saw Searching For The Sugar Man and became aware of the legend .
12) THE DRIFTER (Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends): Little known but very underrated songwriter.
13) WILD HORSES (The Rolling Stones): Probably my favorite Stones track.
14) IN DREAMS (Roy Orbison): One of the great romantic, evocative Orbison songs.
15) JAN LEEMING (Saint Etienne)
16) YOU'RE NOT ALONE (Saint Etienne): Two songs from the American edition of Words And Music,, lots of great Et music in obscure places.
17) YOU JUST WON ME OVER (Sarah Cracknell): ..including the solo effort from their singer from the extended Lipslide album.
18) SO BEGINS THE TASK (Stephen Stills): From the strong Manassas album, with many different styles -my favorite song.
19) FRANCOISE(The Style Council): Paul Weller, in his most quiet, reflective mood with the Style Council.
20) AMATEUR HOUR (Swan Dive)
21) PUZZLE RING(Swan Dive)
23) FREE (Swan Dive): Four great songs from the Nashville group who are big in the Far East, the first three are actually brilliant rarities, while the last is the first song from their first album.


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