23 Songs

December 2012- some songs with a more personal meaning to me, over different eras of my life.

1)THE BLUE SKY(a-Ha): "I used to be confused, but now I just don't know.
2)THE NIGHT WAS SO YOUNG (Brian Wilson): "She'd be so right to hold me tonight"
3) NOWHERE MAN (Beatles): Childhood favorite...
4) I STARTED A JOKE (Bee Gees): Another childhood favorite and a song I felt I could identify with. Farewell, Robin.
6) UP TO ME (Bob Dylan): Dylan left some of his best songs on the cutting room floor; fortunately most have now been released. Two songs that meant a lot when I first heard them around 1990.
7) ALWAYS CRASHING IN THE SAME CAR (David Bowie): Title speaks for itself.
8) LOVE AND REGRET (Deacon Blue): Another evocative title alone, let alone the song.
9) ROMEO AND JULIET (Dire Straits): Heard this on my first long plane ride. Always loved it since.
10) IT'S NO USE (Explorers Club)
11) IT'S YOU (Explorers Club): Much more recent than most songs here; two powerful love songs from the new album from the Club.
12) SAT SINGING (George Harrison): A rarity, but one of my favorite songs of his.
13) IT DON'T COME EASY (George Harrison): Yes, it's Ringo's hit, but George was a key writer of it.
14) YOU CAN'T GET WHAT YOU WANT (TIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT) (Joe Jackson): Again, title says it all.
15) A LITTLE LOVE (Neon Philharmonic): Obscure group, great song.
16) PICASSO'S LAST WORDS (Paul McCartney & Wings): I've embarrassed myself with this song -I won't say how.
17) CRAZY LOVE VOL II (Paul Simon): My favorite from Graceland.
18) CARS AND GIRLS (Prefab Sprout): Some things hurt more, much more.
19) JESSE JAMES BOLERO (Prefab Sprout): Impossibly catchy - deep meaning.
20) THE BRIDGE (Scott Walker): Utterly brilliant and heartbreaking.
21) MISERY GO ROUND (Swan Dive): Another beauty from the little known Nashville outfit
22) MY UPTIGHT LIFE (Teenage Fanclub): Yes, indeed.
23) ANY OTHER WAY (Zombies): Old group, great new song


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