23 Songs

September 2012- another femme pop special, with a nod to the London Olympics. And appropriate remembrance of Hal David.

1)SUPERSTAR(American Spring): Carpenters version is best known, but here there is a bit of a Brian Wilson production touch.
2)SLOW IT DOWN (Amy MacDonald): Been a good time for Scotland, with Andy Murray. Another great tune from the Scottish lady.
3) SOLITAIRE (Carpenters): Poignant and brilliant, with Karen's wonderful voice.
4) HERE I AM (Dionne Warwick)
5) HERE WHERE THERE IS LOVE (Dionne Warwick): Two little known title tracks from Dionne's 60s albums.
6) WINDOW WISHING (Dionne Warwick)
7) CHECK OUT TIME (Dionne Warwick)
8) THE BALANCE OF NATURE(Dionne Warwick)
10) HOW MANY DAYS OF SADNESS? (Dionne Warwick): So many hidden Bacharach gems, sung by Dionne. And with Hal David's powerful lyrics.
11) I NEVER KNEW YOU FROM THE SUN (Innocence Mission)
12) ALL THE WEATHER(Innocence Mission): More quiet but powerful songs from the Pennsylvania group.
13) GOODBYE (Mary Hopkins): Massive Lennon/McCartney hit on Apple records in the UK.
14) DOWNTOWN (Petula Clark)
15) DON'T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY (Petula Clark)
16) THE CAT IN THE WINDOW (THE BIRD IN THE SKY) (Petula Clark): Some of the greatest 60s pop was sung by Petula.
17) STEEPLECHASE (Saint Etienne): For the Olympics in London.
18) OVER THE BORDER (Saint Etienne)
19) I'VE GOT YOUR MUSIC (Saint Etienne)
20) HEADING FOR THE FAIR (Saint Etienne): Saint Etienne's new album is about the power of music to change and shape lives, and these are the three best songs.
22) WHERE DOES YOUR HEART BELONG? (The School): From their second album; a good class to go back to.
23) PICTURE ME (Susanna Hoffs): Great pop song from the Bangle.


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