23 Songs

June 2012- first Beach Boys and Dexy's new studio albums in a very long time- and a trip to California to see the Beach Boys 50th.

1)DO IT AGAIN(Beach Boys): The first song at all the Beach Boys reunion shows-very appropriate.
2)ALL THIS IS THAT (Beach Boys): One of the best non-Brian Beach Boys songs ever, a staple of the concerts.
3) THAT'S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO (Beach Boys): The great reunion single.
4) ISN'T IT TIME (Beach Boys): The "second" single from the new Beach Boys album. Retro and brilliant.
7) SUMMER'S GONE (Beach Boys): The fantastic ending "suite" from the That's Why God Made The Radio album. Taken together, on par as an album ending with the end of Pet Sounds.
8) PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY (Burt Bacharach): Same title as the new Beach Boys song, but from a few years further back.
9 MONETEREY PENINSULA (Burt Bacharach): Another instrumental soundscape from Bacharach, inspired by California.
10) THE TEAMS THAT MEET IN CAFFS (Dexy's Midnight Runners): Soulful instrumental from Dexy's first.
11) THE HORSE (Dexy's Midnight Runners): Also early Dexys -passionate cover of the classic instrumental.
12) I'LL SHOW YOU(Dexy's Midnight Runners): From their second album- typical Dexys soul and passion.
13) COME ON EILEEN (Dexy's Midnight Runners): You may know this one- #1 on both sides of the Pond.
14) ME (Dexys)
15) SHE GOT A WIGGLE (Dexys)
16) IT'S OK, JOHN JOE (Dexys): 27 years after their third, Dexys release their fourth. A shorter name, but the same classic sound.
17) MALIBU (It's Only Roy): From the exclusive Dennis Wilson tribute with Endless Summer Quarterly. Wonderful original song reminding you of California.
18) SAFE IN MY GARDEN (The Mamas And The Papas)
19) CALIFORNIA DREAMING (The Mamas And The Papas): Two from another 60s LA group -one everyone knows, and an obscurity.
20) PRECIOUS TO ME (Nushu): A newer LA group -great cover from their Joystick album.
21) SAN FRANCISCO (BE SURE TO WEAR FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR) (Scott McKenzie): Couldn't go to San Francisco without including this anthem.
22) BIG SUR (Thrills): You may be surprised to know they are Irish.
23) CALIFORNIA MY WAY (Fifth Dimension): Another lovely invocation to the Golden State.


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