23 Songs

February 2012- new Brian Disney album, old SMilE re-release, remembering 10 years since George's passing, REM split, grooving to the Aftermath era, some great music from friends, new Explorers Club, some old standards.

2)CABIN ESSENCE (Beach Boys): SMiLE - what's 40+ years between friends...
4) A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES (Brian Wilson): Two classic songs given the Brian dream treatment..pity the latter wasn't on the standard album.
5) HOT GOLD (Burt Bacharach): Obscure but engaging sounds from the "After The Fox" soundtrack.
6) GRAND HOTEL (Explorers Club)
7) OPEN THE DOOR (Explorers Club): Grand Hotel is a fantastic new album showing both Brian Wilson and Bacharach influences. Title track and a heart-breaker.
8) LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING (Four Aces): Beautiful standard, you may have heard it in "Grease" but find the original.
10) RUN OF THE MILL (George Harrison)
11) SOMEPLACE ELSE (George Harrison)
12) I DON'T WANT TO DO IT (George Harrison): Three from the quiet, underrated Beatle. Last one was actually written by Bob Dylan.
13) MISTY (Julie London): Another standard, with the wonderful voice of London.
14) AN INNOCENT LOVE (Laurie Biagini): Wonderful old-style ballad from Laurie.
15) LONG LONELY NIGHTS (Lee Andrews & The Hearts): A doo-wop beauty.
16) THE MORNING AFTER (Maureen McGovern): From the "queen of disaster" -poignant film song.
17) WATERSPOUT (Paul McCartney): Unreleased song from Paul McCartney -very good.
18) MORE I CANNOT WISH YOU (Paul McCartney)
19) MY VALENTINE(Paul McCartney): Two from Macca's new album, the Guys And Dolls standard and his own "classic" new song.
20) WE ALL GO BACK TO WHERE WE BELONG (R.E.M.): Excellent way to go out for the Georgia band- Bacharach-esque farewell
21) I AM WAITING (Rolling Stones)
22) PAINT IT BLACK (Rolling Stones): Two from the Aftermath era, "Black" was a single and on the USA version only.
23) DIDN'T GET THE MEMO (Vinnie Zummo): Lyrics by my friend, Elizabeth Racz -great pop tune with a lot of depth.


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