23 Songs

For a change, an all-instrumental selection

1)NIKKI (Burt Bacharach & Orchestra): Written at the relief after a difficult birth, this really captures the atmosphere of release and joy.
2)A MOMENT TO SHARE (Charles Fox): From Goodbye Columbus soundtrack, which featured the Association, this is very engaging soundtrack music.
3) SLEEPING SPRAY (High Llamas)
4) SPARKLE UP (High Llamas)
5) THE HOKEY CURATOR (High Llamas)
6) FOLLY TIME (High Lllamas)
7) JANET JANGLE (High Llamas): The Llamas are known for their atmospheric music, especially instrumentals. Here are five, spread over various albums.
8) EARLY MORNING (Marina Belica): From the former October Project member, this was from a great instrumental album called One Sky.
9) BEAMIN' (Peter Lacey): A lovely instrumental from the prolific Lacey's first album.
10)THE WINNER'S THEME (Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends): From the reunion album Full Circle.
11) THERE, THERE MY BRIGADIER (Saint Etienne): The Et are known for their instumentals; this is an a very intense but brilliant outtake from the Sound Of Water era.
12) LOST IN THE LIBRARY (Saint Etienne)
13) MARTIN COURT (Saint Etienne)
14) I'M HERE TO MIX THE NUNS (Saint Etienne): Three from the very rare "Misadventures of Saint Etienne."
15) HIGHGATE ROAD INCIDENT (Saint Etienne): Another outtake from the Tiger Bay era.
16) APACHE (The Shadows)
17) WONDERFUL LAND (The Shadows)
18) THEME FOR YOUNG LOVERS (The Shadows): How can you forget the Shadows in an instrumental playlist.
19) BLUE CAFE (Style Council): From Cafe Bleu. The Council were much better when doing the personal rather than the political.
20) I DO LOVE TO B-SIDE THE A-SIDE (Style Council): Good fun, but warrants inclusion just for the title.
21) AFTER THE GAME (Survivors): Brian Wilson does romance, and some odd percussion. Brilliant, of course.
22) HEARTACHE REVISITED (Burt Bacharach): From Isn't She Great soundtrack.
23) CANYONS (Wally Badarou): A very moody but nice piece.


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