23 Songs

It's the ladies turn again...old and new, home (South Africa) and away

1)NEXT TIME (Arrows)
3) LOVESICK (Arrows)
4) MAKE BELIEVE (Arrows): Arrows are gospel group from Durban, South Africa, who make great pop sounds with challenging lyrics. Love Sick was a big hit locally.
5) SICK AND TIRED (Cardigans)
6) RISE AND SHINE (Cardigans): On north to Sweden -early hits from the cool popsters.
7) MAYBE IT'S YOU (Carpenters): A beautiful, lesser-known tune from the duo.
8) CLUSTER BOMB BOY (Candypants): From Los Angeles!
9) ALL I SEE IS YOU (Dusty Springfield)
10)IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR YOU (Dusty Springfield)
11) THE COLOUR OF YOUR EYES(Dusty Springfield): Four from the British songstress.
12) ASHES TO ASHES (Fifth Dimension): Well, it was the cricket Ashes, if this isn't a full female lead vocal.
13) SOMEWHERE (Hem): West Side Story song with lead by the lovely Sally Ellyson.
14) OVER THE RAINBOW (Innocence Mission): Given the great innocent treatment.
15) CHRISTMAS BOOTS (Saint Etienne): Special personalised Christmas track from the Et.
16) CLARK CO. RECORD FAIR (Saint Etienne)
17) AFRAID TO GO HOME (Saint Etienne)
18) DO YOU LOVE ME? (Saint Etienne)
19) TAKE ME HOME (ON A PUSHBIKE) (Saint Etienne): Four more gems from Etienne's re-released deluxe editions.
20) LET IT SLIP (The School): How can you not include a song with a Brian Wilson poster in the video? Song is great too.
21) GEORGY GIRL (The Seekers): Surely, we have lost the innocence of past eras...
22) MOON RIVER (Swan Dive): Sung by Nashville's finest.
23) YOU BELONG TO ME (Vonda Shepherd): Another classic with a newer interpretation.


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