23 Songs

Celebrating geniuses of American songwriting - Wilson, Webb, Gershwin and Bacharach -plus a few current songs written in the spirit of these great composers.

1) HONKIN' DOWN THE HIGHWAY(Al Jardine): Originally from Love You! but now on Al's new album -the new version features songwriter Brian Wilson.
2) CALIFORNIA FEELIN' (Brian Wilson)
3) THE SPIRIT OF ROCK AND ROLL (Brian Wilson): The line between Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys can still be quite thin..these are both songs done by Brian and his new band, but released on official Beach Boys records - and songs done originally with the Beach Boys.
4) THE LIKE IN I LOVE YOU (Brian Wilson)
5) NOTHING BUT LOVE (Brian Wilson): The Wilson/Gershwin "collaborations." Brian still has it..so does George :)
6)RHAPSODY IN BLUE (Brian Wilson)
7) I LOVES YOU PORGY (Brian Wilson)
8) OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (Brian Wilson)
9) I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU (Brian Wilson)
10)SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER YOU (Brian Wilson):Five lovely Brian interpretations of classic Gershwin.
11) THE WORLD IS A CIRCLE (Diana Lee, Bobby Van and Chorus): From the underrated Lost Horizon.
12) DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE (Dionne Warwick): Well, do you?
13) I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF (Dusty Springfield): Listening to great Bacharach music may be a good suggestion.
14) ABOUT THE OCEAN (Glen Campbell): Actually written by Jimmy Webb's sister, Susan. Great imagery in a sad song.
15) WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW (Jackie de Shannon): No arguments there.
16) BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX (Jimmy Webb with Glen Campbell)
17) WHERE WORDS END(Jimmy Webb with Michael Macdonald): Two from Webb's new album, one old song revived plus a newer one.
18) THE PULSE (Magic Numbers): Nice to have them back.
19) NO TEARS TO CRY (Paul Weller): Sounds a bit like a lost Walker Brothers song.
20) BECHAMEL (Pernice Brothers)
21) NOT THE LOVING KIND (Pernice Brothers): Also nice to have them back!
22) WHEN DID I LOSE YOUR LOVE (5th Dimension)
23) THE MAGIC GARDEN (5th Dimension):Two from the Webb written and produced albums, firstly from the obscure Earthbound and the great title track of the Magic Garden.


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