23 Songs

December 2009 - some independent artists who are my friends, other recent and more obscure pop and Sunshine Pop. The theme is lesser-known but brilliant.

1) FADE AWAY (Adam Marsland)
2) GRATEFUL FOR THE RAIN (Adam Marsland): Two from the prolific Marsden and the Go West album.
3) NOW YOU CAN HURT ME (Anny Celsi)
4) PAPER UMBRELLA (Anny Celsi): This was a highly-rated second album from Anny Celsi.
5) THE WAY OF THE CROWD (Dan Folger): From a new Saint Etienne compilation of various artists, called Saint Etienne Present Songs For The Dog And Duck.
6) NEVER TELL THE WORLD (Free Design): Another harmonic track from their first album.
7) LAKE SHORE DRIVE (Innocence Mission): The melodic purity of this group shines through again.
9) WILL YOU FORGIVE ME? (Maxi Dunn): Music from a Facebook friend in Liverpool, melodic and lyrixally sharp.
11) TO BE CONTINUED (Neon Philharmonic): More obscure and brilliant Sunshine Pop.
12) LET'S GO(Postmarks): A more modern group making classic pop.
13) FALLING IN LOVE (Prefab Sprout): Another beauty from the Sprout's "new" album that I couldn't fit into the last playlist.
14) GROVELY PARK (Saint Etienne)
15) UNDER HER SPELL (Saint Etienne)
16) TONY JACKET(Saint Etienne)
17) BURNT OUT CAR (Saint Etienne)
18) LONESOME (Saint Etienne)
19) HOW WE USED TO LIVE (Saint Etienne): The Et have released some expanded re-releases of their albums. These are all from the Continental and re-releases.
20) A YEAR IN JAINE TIME (Sunshine Company): Romantic Sunshine Pop.
21) ONCE I LIVED IN LONDON (Swan Dive): Nice to see them back.
22) EVERYTHING FLOWS (Teenage Fanclub): Says it all.
23) SHE LETS HER HAIR DOWN (Tokens): A final Sunshine Pop classic to end up with.


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