23 Songs

September 2009 - the theme is long-awaited like my first child - Prefab Sprout's wonderful Let's Change The World With Music and SMiLE, of course.

1) FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN (A-ha): The Norwegians are back on the chart.
2) GOIN' TO ACAPULCO (Bob Dylan): From the Basement Tapes sessions- underrated and moving.
3) OUR PRAYER/GEE (Brian Wilson): Like the new "Prefab Sprout", there is an underlying spirituality to SMiLE.
4) WONDERFUL (Brian Wilson)
5) SONG FOR CHILDREN (Brian Wilson)
7) SURF'S UP (Brian Wilson): The second movement of SMiLE with its cycle of life, birth and rebirth.
8) IN BLUE HAWAII (Brian Wilson): One of the highlights of the completed SMiLE.
9) GOOD VIBRATIONS (Brian Wilson): Of course you now this - this is the SMile version.
10) MORNING GIRL (Neon Philharmonic): Found this on a radio show that promoted the new Prefab album. Sunshine pop of the highest order.
11) HEARTS AND BONES (Paul Simon): Title track of the very underrated Paul Simon album that could have been a Simon & Garfunkel album.
12) YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR INTEREST LIES (Simon And Garfunkel): And this is an unknown B-side of the duo which foreshadows some of Simon's later music.
13) LET THERE BE MUSIC (Prefab Sprout)
14) I LOVE MUSIC (Prefab Sprout)
15) MUSIC IS A PRINCESS (Prefab Sprout)
16) SWEET GOSPEL MUSIC (Prefab Sprout): The cornerstone of the new Prefab album are the four songs about the transcendence of music.
17) GOD WATCH OVER YOU (Prefab Sprout): This was already released by Wendy Matthews and Frances Ruefelle but nice to have a Paddy version.
18) EARTH: THE STORY SO FAR (Prefab Sprout): The Gospel of Paddy.
19) LAST OF THE GREAT ROMANTICS (Prefab Sprout): The romance of Paddy.
20) ANGEL OF ASHES (Scott Walker): Was thinking of the Ashes cricket here....
21) A CHANGE IS GONNA COME (Sam Cooke): Speaks for itself.
22) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET ME GET WHAT I WANT (Smiths): Morrisey's most poignant song, surely.
23) PLAY ON MAESTRO (Stephen John Kalinich and Peter Lacey ): This was a great colloboration between two people with strong Brian Wilson connections.


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