23 Songs

June 2009- Dylan, the Boss, some new (or recently released) Etienne, others odds and ends

1) I�M FALLING (Bluebells): Classic British pop!
3) WORKINGMAN'S BLUES #2 (Bob Dylan)
4) LIFE IS HARD (Bob Dylan): Three new (or newish) songs from the revitalised Dylan who has just hit #1 in both the UK and USA.
5) BORN TO RUN (Bruce Springsteen)
6) THUNDER ROAD(Bruce Springsteen)
7) THIS LIFE (Bruce Springsteen): Two old and one new from the Boss
8) DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER (Crowded House): Simply a great pop tune from a great pop band
9) MY NATIONAL PRIDE (Dexy's Midnight Runners)
10) UNTIL I BELIEVE IN MY SOUL (Dexy's Midnight Runners): Two soaring, almost spiritual, ballads from the Dexys
11) QUIET TIMES (Dido): Understated but very pretty song
12) CROSS MY HEART (Everything But The Girl): Another understated gem from the girl
13) WHOA BILLY (Lucky Soul)
14) WHITE RUSSIAN DOLL (Lucky Soul): They're back. That is very good news!
15) UNDECIDED (Magic Numbers): Another catchy tune from the Numbers. Are they going to be back?
16) THE DEVIL HAS ALL THE BEST TUNES (Prefab Sprout): They are supposed to be back soon! That would be amazing
18) BEAT A DRUM (REM): Two songs, reflecting the slower side of the band from Athens
19) DESTROY THE BUILDING (Saint Etienne)
20) METHODS OF MODERN LOVE (Saint Etienne)
21) LOVER PLAYS THE BASS (Saint Etienne): Three more from the Et
22) FARMER IN THE CITY (Scott Walker): From the bizarre Tilt, this is one of the most beautiful tunes ever
23) MAGNIFICENT (U2): Spiritual, uptempo-the Irish at their best


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