23 Songs

January 2009- Some new lady artists, piano sounds and Saint Etienne.

1) CHASING PAVEMENTS (Adele): One of a new wave of singers who hearken back to the classic era of Dusty and others.
2) THIS IS YOUR LIFE (Amy Macdonald): Classic Scottish pop from another new artist.
3) HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE (Bee Gees): This is just a classic, of course...
4) THERE'S SO MANY(Brian Wilson): One of Brian's lesser known solo songs from his first solo album.
5) BEING WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE (Brian Wilson): Also an obscurity, this was an old B-side
6) THANK YOU (Dido): Well, you may know this from Eninem, but it was Dido's song that made the track anyway
7) WARWICK AVENUE (Duffy): Another new singer in the Dusty mould
8) WATERMARK (Enya): A beautiful piano piece that I have loved for may years
9) NOW AND THEN (John Lennon-with Dave White and Gary Moore): This is an interesting one, the mooted threetles third song, here done up by one of the my first interenet friends
10) A MAGICAL NIGHT (Laurie Biagini): Laurie is an internet friend who has lived her dream in making her own music, like this great song
11) A WAY HOME (Marina Belica): Marina Belica is one of the members of the October Project, but this is a lovely piano instrumental from her solo album
12) OH! THE SWISS (Prefab Sprout): Even the Prefabs have a piano solo
13) SUMMER SONG (Saint Etienne)
14) TOMORROW NEVER DIES (Saint Etienne)
15) RUSSIAN (Saint Etienne)
16) LANGUAGE LAB (Saint Etienne)
17) STOP AND THINK IT OVER (Saint Etienne)
18) FINISTERRE (Saint Etienne)
19) MADELEINE (Saint Etienne): A fair selection from Saint Etienne, Finisterre in particular is a bit appropriate in the current financial crisis
20) CHANGE IS HARD (She & Him ): Zooey Deschanel's band -she of the great interview with Brian. What a true title
21) BE STILL (Stephen Kalinich): This is a very inspiring poem with light organ backing from Brian. Beautiful
22) LE DEPART (Style Council): Lovely piano piece from Mick Talbot -songs of goodbye
23) RAIN (Wally Badarou): A piano piece to close off from the Nigerian

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