23 Songs

September 2008- Dominated by Brian Wilson and That Lucky Old Sun's bits and pieces as well as Brian Wilson sound-alikes, The Explorers Club.

2) MOST OF ALL (Arbors): Two harmony-filled songs from little known Sunshine Pop outfit who eventually went into advertising jingles.
4) GOING HOME (Brian Wilson)
5) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Brian Wilson): A fantastic ending to Brian's new album -this triple punch (after Midnight's Another Day) takes the album to greatness.
6) MESSAGE MAN (Brian Wilson): Brian Wilson's new spurt of creativity is shown in the bonus tracks that came out with That Lucky Old Sun. It did make collecting expensive though! This is an ITunes bonus track.
7) JUST LIKE ME AND YOU (Brian Wilson): And this one was Best Buy bonus!
8) BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE (THE WEDDING SONG) (Carpenters): This is the sort of sentimental song that I am a bit of a sucker for!
9) SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE LOVED (Death Cab For Cutie): Don't have that much of their music, but some great tunes and lyrics.
10) DONT FORGET THE SUN (Explorers Club)
11) LOST MY HEAD (Explorers Club)
12) IF YOU GO (Explorers Club)
13) SAFE DISTANCE (Explorers Club)
14) HOLD ME TIGHT (Explorers Club): They sound like the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, but if you can beat them...and on these tracks, they really tune into the spiritual vibe of Brian's deepest work.
15) PINK CONFETTI (Freshlyground): This top South African group come up with another winner.
16) OCEAN(Paul Steel & Stephen Kalinich): From the exclusive Dennis Wilson tribute with Endless Summer Quarterly. Great collaboration with the California poet.
17) I KEEP ON TALKING (Love Generation): Another Sunshine Pop obscurity just for you :)
18) SISSY & THE SILENT KID (Magic Numbers): From an EP, a gentle, piano-based song.
19) INEFFABLE (Paddy McAloon): From the wonderful I Trawl The Megahertz. Ineffable is what can't be said in words.
20) ALWAYS A PLACE (October Project): Haven't heard much recently, but this is from the more recent Marina Belica-fronted version of the band, and is a really beautiful song.
21) REASON TO FORGIVE (Swanky Hotel): From October Project covered - I haven't got the original, but this is really nice.
22) THE BALLAD OF BJORN BORG (Pernice Brothers):
23) ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE(Pernice Brothers): Two brilliant cuts more from Prenices

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