23 Songs

July 2008- Dennis Wilson, Bob Dylan and some stuff with possibly a bit more edge than usual.

1)IDIOT WIND (Bob Dylan): One of the greats. Resigned anger at betrayal -music is the best revenge!
2) MAMA, YOU BEEN ON MY MIND (Bob Dylan): Originally done for Joan Baez. Shows Bob can do tender melodies as well as anyone.
3) SHE'S YOUR LOVER NOW (Bob Dylan): The take broke down, and the song remained in the vaults for 30 years, but it was worth the wait.
4) BLIND WILLIE MC TELL (Bob Dylan): Another Dylan classic that waited more than 10 years for official release.
5) I'M NOT THERE (Bob Dylan): A third example of Dylan leaving his best work in the vault, this waited 40 years until the movie of the same name. Haunting and mysterious.
6) I THREW IT ALL AWAY (Bob Dylan)
7) LAY LADY LAY (Bob Dylan): Nashville Skyline showed Bob Dylan as country pop melodymaker, a different guise for him, but one he carries off exceptionally well in these two standards.
8) GOING GOING GONE (Bob Dylan): From Planet Waves, an underrated Dylan song.
9) SENOR (TALES OF YANKEE POWER) (Bob Dylan): Another emotional Dylan song from the underrated Street Legal.
10) VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay): I found their new album good but not great, but this is an effortlessly good pop song.
11) LOVE REMEMBER ME (Dennis Wilson)
12) HOLY MAN (Dennis Wilson): This month saw the Pacific Ocean Blue/Bambu re-release - these are my two favorites from the "new" unreleased stuff, showing Dennis's ability to create emotion.
13) THOUGHTS OF YOU (Dennis Wilson)
14) YOU AND I (Dennis Wilson): My two favorites from the original Pacific Ocean Blue
16) ONLY WITH YOU (Beach Boys): Two greats from Dennis as Beach Boys.Dreams was unreleased until 2001.
17) CLOUDMAN (Jimmy Webb)
18) JUST THIS ONE TIME (Jimmy Webb): Two passionate, beautiful songs from Land's End.
19) WHERE'ER YOU GO (Paul Weller): From Paul Weller's expansive new 22 Dreams, this beautiful song evokes English folk.
20) CRUELTY TO ANIMALS (Pernice Brothers): "Struck in dumb amazement like a dog who's told to levitate"
21) CONSCIENCE CLEAR (I WENT TO SPAIN)(Pernice Brothers): "So I went to Spain"
22) JUDY (Pernice Brothers): Achingly awesomely beautiful.
23) BLINDED BY THE STARS (Pernice Brothers): As you can see, the Pernice Brothers are fast becoming one of my very favorite groups.

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