23 Songs

May 2008 -influenced by Saint Etienne, Latin America and Sunflower plus a bit of Bacharach maybe linking it all together.

1)OUT OF BLUE COMES GREEN(A-ha): From the Norwegian's third album, this is a substantial and moving song that shows that they quickly transcended their teenybop routes.
2) LOVE AFFAIR (Association)
3) THE TIME IT IS TODAY (Association): Two more harmony pop gems from the West Coast men.
4) THIS WHOLE WORLD (Beach Boys)
5) ADD SOME MUSIC TO YOUR DAY (Beach Boys):Sunflower" is often regarded as the best all-round effort of the Beach Boys, with good contributions from all six members. "This World World" and "Add Some Music" are two of Brian's opuses showing he still "had it" in the early 70s.
6) SHE KNOWS ME TOO WELL (Beach Boys): Classic from the Today album.
7) SOUTH AMERICAN (Brian Wilson)
8) MEXICAN GIRL (Brian Wilson): Here's the Latin American influence from Brian Wilson. "Mexican Girl" is from That Lucky Old Sun.
9) ANOTHER SPRING WILL RISE (Burt Bacharach): Appropriate for the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Bacharach creates a powerful musical picture here.
11) MEXICAN DIVORCE (Drifters): And here's Bacharach's Latin American contribution.
12) IN THE DARKEST PLACE (Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach): From their colloboration "Painted From Memory", this is the dark and meaningful opening truck.
13) I'M A BETTER MAN (Engelbert Humperdinck): This sounds corn-dog, but it's actually a wonderful tune and sentiment. A grower.
14) STAY ANOTHER SEASON (Free Design): From their wonderful first album "Kites Are Fun."
15) ONE FOR SORROW, TWO FOR JOY (Innccence Mission)
16) NOTEBOOK (Innocence Mission): The Innocence Mission have a knack of putting together wonderful melodic phrases; these are two more examples.
17) THE JOURNEY CONTINUES (Mark Brown featuring Sarah Cracknell): Recent chart hit featuring vocals and melody from the Saint Etienne front-lady. Strangely addictive.
18) A NEW LIFE FOR US (Now People): Another great piece from this group featuring some of Brian Wilson's bandmates
19) PLEASE (Saint Etienne)
20) THANK YOU (Saint Etienne)
21) PARLIAMENT HILL (Saint Etienne)
22) PRIMROSE HILL (Saint Etienne): As you can see, I like pairs of songs with contrasting or similar titles. Please and Parliament Hill are from the outtake box set Boxette.
23) SAY YOU LOVE ME (Simply Red):The maligned Mick Hucknall has some great tunes with wonderful sentiment; this is one of them.

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