23 Songs

November 2007 -heavily influenced by That Lucky Old Sun -of course!

1)BRING YOURSELF HOME (The Association): From Stop Your Motor, another unknown treasure from the harmony kings.
2) LOVE ME (The Bee Gees): Ostensibly from the disco era..but such a lovely middle section, in particular.
3) I'M WAITING FOR THE DAY (The Beach Boys): Yes, it's from Pet Sounds.
4) THE FIRST TIME (Brian Wilson): Written mid-80s, released 2000 on Live At The Roxy, as Brian deals again with simple, heartfelt emotions.
5) THAT LUCKY OLD SUN (Brian Wilson)
6) MORNING BEAT (Brian Wilson)
7) GOOD KIND OF LOVE (Brian Wilson)
9) CAN'T WAIT TOO LONG (Brian Wilson)
11)MIDNIGHT'S ANOTHER DAY(Brian Wilson) That Lucky Old Sun will be a treasured memory of 2007. Here are some highlights -4 fantastic new songs, Brian's take on the standard, a resurrected Beach Boys outtake and a narrative with fantastic instrumental background. It all works.
12) LADY LOVE (Dino, Desi And Billy): Song Brian wrote for Billy Hinsche and his group. Nice romantic tune.
13) HIGH (Lighthouse Family): One of my all-time favorites -truly uplifting.
14) GET OUTTA TOWN (Lucky Soul)
15) THAT HOLLYWOOD GLOW (Lucky Soul): Two more gems from my new favorite group -a dance floor stormer and an understated B-side.
16) MAY I LOOK AT YOU (Orpheus): A grower from the Boston sunshine pop rockers.
17) MY SO-CALLED CELIBATE LIFE (Pernice Brothers)
18) B.S. JOHNSON (Pernice Brothers).
19) THE WEAKEST SHADE OF BLUE (Pernice Brothers): Three more from a melodic group that I have come to like very much in the last year.
20) AVENUE OF STARS (Prefab Sprout): Andromeda Heights is all about love, and this song typifies the album.
21) MY OBSESSION (Rolling Stones): Brian Wilson's favorite Stones track and one of mine.
22) I,TO,WE AND BACK AGAIN (The Sunshine Company): Another sunshine pop group (you may have guessed from the name) -haunting little tune.
23) LOVE WILL COME THROUGH(Travis): Great sentiment from the Scottish group.

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