23 Songs

August 2007...bit of Beatles influence with the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, but also a fair bit of Beach Boys in a Summer Days mood.

1) SOULFUL OLD MAN SUNSHINE (The Beach Boys): Only released in 1998, this was a hidden Brian Wilson compostional treasure (with Rick Henn of the Sunrays) with a great vocal by Carl. 
2) LET HIM RUN WILD (The Beach Boys) 
3) SUMMER MEANS NEW LOVE (The Beach Boys) 
4) AND YOUR DREAM COMES TRUE (The Beach Boys): Three very different pieces from the Beach Boys' 1965 Summer Days album which show it wasn't just all fun in the sun - a poignant love song, a romantic instrumental and an acapella lullabye. 
5) HERE COMES THE SUN (The Beatles): You all know this, but most meaningful as we come to the end of a long winter in Cape Town. 
6) TWO OF US (The Beatles): One of the fabs understated classics -amazing how the simple friend songs work the best. 
7) A DAY IN THE LIFE (The Beatles): You'll also know this, but this gave the substance to the glossy facase of Pepper.
8) ODESSA (Bee Gees): Always was fascinated by Eastern Europe.... 
9) BAD TO ME (Billy J Kramer): One of the best songs the Beatles gave away..was a big hit too!   
10) LIVE LET LIVE (Brian Wilson): Brian seems to be releasing great one-offs quite regularly now..from the eco film Arctic Tale
11) WORLD OF MAKE BELIEVE (Burt Bacharach): From After The Fox soundtrack, a haunting instrumental.
12) IT'S FOR YOU (Cilla Black): One of the real gems of Beatles-gave-away songs, a jazzy waltz written by Paul, sung by Cilla and produced by George Martin that sounds a lot more sophisticated than its 1964 pedigree indicates.   
13) EVERYBODY'S GOT TO LEARN SOMETIME (Korgis): A real one-hit wonder, but a tune and theme that rings very true. 
14) OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD (KT Tunstall): A recent succesful artist, this is one of the recent radio airplay songs that I do really enjoy. 
15) NOTHING BUT A BLUR FROM A BULLET TRAIN (Lambchop): The weirdest country group ever? ...but I always liked train songs... 
16) LET SOMEBODY IN (The Magic Numbers): Another simple but meaningful song from the numbers. 
17) AGELESS (Nushu): Lisa Mychols new group, great little tune. 
18) I'VE NEVER SEEN LOVE LIKE THIS (Orpheus): Sunshine Pop from Bosstown. 
19) TOO MUCH RAIN (Paul McCartney): Paul McCartney has been getting quite introspective on his recent albums, and this isn't a silly love song by a long way, but a quite poignant and meaningful song. 
20) I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN (Peter and Gordon): Another fantastic Lennon and Macca "give-away."  
21) WE'LL FIND A PLACE (Swing Out Sister): Pretty romantic instrumental from the jazz-pop stars.
22) NOT ALONE ANY MORE (The Traveling Wilburys): The standout Wilburys track for me. It's about the much missed Orbison, but nice to know Harrison and Dylan are also involved.
23) TIME OF THE SEASON (The Zombies): Classic 60s song from cult 60s album. 

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