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Some new additions: New blog on the Brian Wilson page! High School reunion pictures! See what I am listening to and my updated list of favorite artists.
Hi and welcome to my personal domain, Surfer Moon. Why Surfer Moon? Well, it's from one my favorite songwriters, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Surfer has obvious double meaning on the internet, and the moon reflects the more introspective side of Brian, and life in general. As you may guess, I a am a big fan of Brian Wilson as well as similar great music. I also enjoy railways, travel and cricket. Please read on to see what is here, but first a serious message.

Save Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwean government is systematically intimidating opposition parties out of existence, in brutal fashion, and is destroying the economy of a potentially prosperous country. The recent campaign of urban destruction is reminiscient of the worst excesses of Stalin or Pol Pot. Learn more at the following news sites; CNN, BBC, Electronic Telegraph and Mail and Guardian (South African). Genocide Watch has the country listed at the preparation stage just before a genocide. It can happen there, and it will happen if the world is silent.
Please ensure that international pressure is maintained on the Zimbabwean government to maintain internationally accepted standards of human rights. You can contact the following governments using the pages or e-mail links below. In particular, consider contacting the South African government, which does have the power to effect some change in Zimbabwe.
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

So what is here....
Bio page has a little about me and some pictures.
My Music page will tell you what music I like plus a few other odds and ends.
My Writings page has a few short essays on music, all a little dated now.

Then there are the other pages on the Surfer Moon domain (opening in new windows)
The Web Page For Brian Wilson is now hosted here
The Brian Wilson Web Ring
My new site for A Girl Called Eddy, a new artist that you really should look out for!
The Home Signal is my tribute to mechancial signalling on South African railways.

A few very selected links (also opening in new windows)
Cricinfo is the home of cricket on the internet.
The Signal Box is the definitive site on railway signalling.
The Lonely Planet travel site.

No more guestbooks (internet has moved on) but you can still see my very old one here. You can also e-mail me at this link, or find me on Facebook here.