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These are essays on the Beatles and the Beach Boys dating from my early days on the internet circa 1996 to 1998. Obviously there are many things out of date now, but here they are for posterity.

From a gentle beginning to the finishing end: Beatles Anthology 3 review
Review of the Beatles Anthology 3

Record Reviews
This article reviews recent Brian Wilson and related releases, the Pet Sounds Sessions, Imagination and the Wilsons. It was published in a local actuarial journal

From Smile To Landlocked
All about a very underrated period for the Beach Boys' and Brian's music

The Genius Of Brian Wilson: A Beginner's Guide
An essay that discusses what is meant by Brian's genius and suggests some places it may be found. People who want what the fuss is all about are welcome to start here

Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds is my favorite album by any group. Here is my tribute to this album that I wrote on the 30th birthday of it's release.

The Love You Album
The album that maybe causes more arguments amongst Beach Boys fans than any other. I love it. Here's why.

The Warmth Of The Sun
The Warmth Of The Sun is one of my favorite songs of the band and these are my thoughts on it.

Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson, the heart of the Beach Boys, died on the 6th February 1998. He will be missed for his stunning vocals, guitarwork that kept the band together and writing some songs of true genius. Here is my tribute to him.

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