The Great Western Railway

This is a photo collection from my September 2005 visit to England that contains some relics from different parts of the Great Western Railway, possibly the most iconic railway company that ever existed.

In the first class lounge at Paddinton station, classical lettering for the Great Western Railway.

Statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel at Paddington, the man behind the legend. He was recently voted the second greatest Briton of all time, behind only Churchill.

Worcester is one the best remaining locations in England for semaphore signals- even more in some ways than Shrewsbury, which has larger signal boxes but also more color lights. Worcester is almost all semaphores and it certainly feels like a time warp.

Worcester Shrub Hill Station signal box is the biggest in the area, shown here. It has 84 levers, and I imagine most of them are still in use.

Bristol Temple Meads station with its roof, another Brunel icon.

Crossing the River Tarka on the famous Brunel bridge from Devon into Cornwall.

The town at the end of the line, Penzance in Cornwall.

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