High School Reunion

Yes, can't-believe-it's-been-20-years and all that! Here are some pictures from our function at Rcaffe in the middle of Cape Town. More pictures taken by Jenni are on the following pages, starting here.

L-R Sally Hey (teacher), Pippa Moll. Also, John Martin (deputy principal) and Sharon Farr in background.

L-R Fernanda Andre, Shereen Volks, Alastair Knight

L-R Janet Huskisson, Claire Henshall, Susan Johnston

L-R (back) Tracy Ward, Tessa Oosthuizen
L-R (front) Samantha Groves, Jackie Michels, Kim Zimmerman

L-R Vanessa Goodson, Alastair Knight, Fernanda Andre, James Warwick, Irene Waller.

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