Bodensee-Toggenburg Railway

This is line in NE Switzerland that extends from Nesslau-Neu St. Johann in the Toggenburg to Romanshorn on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). Although the line is more in the foothills of the Alps than the main range, this still means some high mountains and wonderful scenery as the line tunnels and bridges across some very difficult terrain. The line has now merged to form the Schweizerische Suedostbahn but the route remains an important part of the Swiss network and worth a detour to investigate.

At Nesslau-New St.Johann, a small, attractive town in the hills and mountains of the Toggenburg.

There is very little mechanical signalling in Switzerland now, but the junction at Wattwil still has a mechancial frame shown here, although the signals are all color lights.

Typical of the scenery of the line, around Degersheim.

Another snapshot in the Degersheim area.

The Sitter viaduct between Herisau and St. Gallen on this line is the highest in Switzerland. Here is a view from the train on top of the viaduct.

Another scenic highlight is the gentle descent to the Bodensee, with lovely lake views as in this picture.

Most of the stock used on the line is now Suedostbahn or Swiss Federal, but here are some coaches at St. Gallen in the green of the Bodensee-Toggenburg.

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