Andrew Gladwin's Biography

I was almost a Christmas baby, born on the 23rd December 1967 in the small but fascinating town of Graaff-Reinet, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. My parents moved down to Cape Town, soon after I was born. My dad was a succesful quantity surveyor, and my mom is a trained schoolteacher. I have a younger brother, Christopher, born in 1970.

My parents were deeply devoted to each other and were two of the most unselfish, loving people who ever lived. They set high standards for me, which has been a guidance in my life. My father fought a long battle with melanoma cancer in the 1970s, finally succumbing in December 1979.

I did all my education in Cape Town; Grove Primary School, Westerford High School and the University of Cape Town. At university, I studied a Bachelor of Business Science degree, which I completed in 1989. At university, I was extensively involved in AIESEC, an international business student organisation which taught me a lot about working with people and understanding different cultures. I worked for them in Johannesburg for a year in 1990.

In 1991 I started work for my current employer, Old Mutual, and studied part-time to gain a professional qualification as an actuary, which I achieved at the end of 1995.

In early 1996 I bought a home computer and got hooked up on the internet, which was an opportunity to meet with people with similar interests, and especially to share my passion for 60s music. I got involved with the Web Page For Brian Wilson in that year, and now maintain that site.

In June 1997, I moved on to Harare, Zimbabwe to begin a contract for Old Mutual where I have been working in a number of actuarial fields, relating both to the financial management of the company and the valuation of pension funds.

In early 2000, things started taking a turn for the worse in Zimbabwe due to the greed and corruption of the ruling party there. Although I extended my contract there for another year, the quality of life was clearly deteriorating with shortages of fuel and basic groceries. I moved back to Cape Town in September 2001, and I continued with Old Mutual there in their Group Assurance area, with some great work colleagues. My mom, who now has advanced Parkinson's disease, moved down to Cape Town in 2003, and she lives close to me, and I look after her financial affairs and try to see her regularly. Sadly, she passed away on 15 August 2008 and is missed by family and friends around the world.

From November 2004 until the end of 2009, I was on the Council of the Actuarial Society of South Africa as Honorary Secretary and in the last two years, the Chair of the Education Board. I have been very involved in the education side of the society, including building a full South African qualification for actuaries. which was launched in 2010. Although not on Council now, I remain involved with both the Actuarial Society and the International Actuarial Association.

In June 2007, I started in a new area doing product development relating to the new retirement environment in South Africa. Then, in 1 November 2009, I was promoted to Finance Actuary, with responsibility for the African operations of Old Mutual outside South Africa.

At a personal level, I have been in three relationships where I have been hurt very badly, in different ways. However, I have a lovely daughter, Kendra, and have parental responsibility for her sister, Cassidy as well, who is also a delight.

My aspirations are to develop in my profession as well as my ability to work with people, to be a trustworthy and reliable friend, to enjoy my hobbies and to remain close to my family.

I regard honesty and respect and love for all people as my important values. I also think that a sense of humour is very important (but thought I better give my biographical details in a straightforward manner!)

20 year High School Reunion.
Pictures taken in September 2005 on the Kent And East Sussex Railay.
Pictures taken in September 2005 on various aspects of the Great Western Railway.
Pictures taken in September 2005 on the Llangollen Railway in Wales.
Pictures taken in September 2005 on the West Somerset Railway in England.
Pictures taken in September 2005 on the Bodensee-Toggenburg Railway in Switzerland.
Pictures taken at a recent conference at Thornybush Game Reserve in Limpopo province, South Africa.
Some much more recent pictures (2005) mostly on a trip to Nairobi.
And here are some more pictures of my family and me.
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